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When you get the urge to play slots for real money the top question that may cross your mind, probably when you are having a losing session at a land based casino is, are online casino slots much better ?

At least most online gambling sites offer a Casino Bonus when you sign up and also reap the rewards with exclusive promotions and comp points.

With TST slot machine testing software online gambling sites have reports about payout percentage for all their type of games to show players results are real and can be trusted. If you are a high limit casino player then you should always check the high roller casino bonus before you go start playing. It is worth noting that todays online casino software companies know that players can often be less than happy with any one slot playing session and as such they go to great lengths to prove their games are fair, honest and can be relied on to provide a fair game.

Online Slots Games

The online gambling industry is no longer in its infancy and players are much more savvy to the inner workings of a site, and can soon collectively sniff out when something isn't right. Due to the simple fact that all online casinos are in fact a software driven venue this can lead to players falsely laying accusations at the operators of such sites in terms of the fairness of their games, and giving players complete confidence is something the better run sites always aim to do especially for USA online Casinos that have the RTG software.

So how can you conclusively prove a casino is providing a fair game, well apart from the fact that most well known casinos allow their gambling logs to be audited on a monthly basis by a third party independent organization and then by displaying the results of these audits on their websites via a payout percentage verification certificate you can also audit your own game play to see if your sessions are falling in line with the expected payout percentages and pay backs on any one slot machine.

Microgaming Slots

Casinos such as the online GoWild Casino for example which are powered by Microgaming software enable players to audit their own game play themselves and this is done via their Play Check feature, this can be found under the Play Check tab and once clicked you can select any previously played gambling session on any of their hundreds of online casino games and you will get a blow by blow account of everything that happened during that session, and in regards to slot machines this review of your game play will let you know how every spin on the reels played out, from the starting balance to any wins achieved including the position of all reel symbols to the final results of any bonus feature activated.

Online Slots Payouts

The first thing you should always be aware of is that any online slot machine has, what is known as an expected return to player (RTP) payout percentage, this is what the suppliers of the slot machine have designed the slot game to payout over the long term life of that particular game, this payout percentage takes into account the number of symbols on each reel and the odds of you hitting any bonus feature rounds and also the payouts attached to each and every winning combination.

Alas some slot game suppliers, for reasons best known to themselves look at these RTP's as a closely guarded secret and try as you may you are going to find it very difficult to find out what exactly they are, however some slot machines suppliers are more than happy to reveal to Joe Public these figures and they can often be found in the game play rules, game descriptions or game help files, and it goes without saying that your first port of call when you play at any slot site is to check this information out and stick to playing those games which boast the highest payouts and try free slots to test it.

Winning at Slot Machines

Please do not be naive enough to think that should a machine boast a payout percentage of let's say 98% that you are going to get that set in stone every time you play, these percentages can and will fluctuate wildly due to the random nature of these games and as such you can often get sessions where you far exceed those figures, whilst sometimes the reverse can be possible and you may get hardly any winning combinations spinning in.

Should you wish to work out just how well you have done when playing any slot machine then simply remember the following formula which will let you work out the exact payout percentages you received. Firstly you need to work out exactly how much you won on that game, by won we mean the winnings got credited to your credit meter (if you took a gamble feature and lost for example then that is not classed as a win, unless you won the gamble feature and collected the winnings and it was credited to your account) then you need to divide that figure by the total stakes you played on the slot.

Let us do a couple of examples so you understand what we are saying, let's say you play a slot machine and had a total of 79.40 in winnings, and you played 124 spins costing 1.20 per spin, which works out at 124 x 1.20 = 148.80 in total stakes. So divide 79.40 by 148.80 and you get 0.53 (to two decimal places), should the figure you arrive at as in our example be 0. something then simply get rid of the zero and decimal point from the workings out and the payout percentage for that session is what is left namely 53%.

Should you have a winning session then it is possible for that payout percentage to be over 100%, an example of this would be when you have won let's say 133.90 and played for example 64 spins of 1.25 per spin, your total stakes are therefore 64 x 1.25 which is 80.00 in total so divide your winnings by your stakes, 133.90 divided by 80.00 equals 1.67 (again to two decimal points), when you have any figure starting with a one or above then all you need to do is to get rid of the decimal point and that is your payout percentage for that session, in our example that works out at 167%.

Fruit Slots

To ensure you can find every single type of slot game that can be found online we have now added all of the very latest Fruit Machines, these online fruity games offer a whole host of different bonus features and you will get much bigger payouts and pay backs than you would playing them in a land based venue!

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